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Reminder of the week: you are not a registered student at our tumblr Hogwarts until you have sent us an owl with your student information (read the fifth question on our FAQ)! REMEMBER TO SEND THE OWL TO THE HOUSE YOU WISH TO BE IN! (Click the Common Rooms link above and send an owl to the Heads of Houses).


Last updated: July 2011

Headmistress Cheryl
A Gryffindor during her Hogwarts years
Welcome! Feel free to message me if you have any questions. 

Professor Krys
Head of Ravenclaw
teaches History of Magic

Professor Moira Gray
Head of Slytherin
teaches Muggle Music

Professor Moonstone
Head of Hufflepuff
teaches Art

Professor Fortis
Head of Gryffindor
teaches Transfiguration 

Professor Luna Silven
teaches Divination

Professor Quinnifer Moorage
teaches Charms

Professor Oscar
teaches Apparition

Professor Mortifera
Potions Master