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Rules (must read!)

Last updated: July 2011


In your classes, every now and then, your professors will prompt you with a themed assignment, along with a deadline. It is not mandatory to complete these assignments. However, if you wish to contribute to your House in trying to win the House Cup, your participation is recommended. 

These assignments will be submitted to your professors in the form of blog posts. Your post MUST indicate which House you are in and include the following tags: #tumlbrhousecup, #subject, #professor’s URL

Points will be awarded in the following manner:

According to the number of notes the post receives
1st: 40 points
2nd: 30 points
3rd: 20 points
4th: 10 points

According to professor’s judgement
Professor’s favorite: 30 points
Other awards may be given; the point value of various awards are based on professor’s discretion