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Reminder of the week: you are not a registered student at our tumblr Hogwarts until you have sent us an owl with your student information (read the fifth question on our FAQ)! REMEMBER TO SEND THE OWL TO THE HOUSE YOU WISH TO BE IN! (Click the Common Rooms link above and send an owl to the Heads of Houses).

Frequently Asked Questions

Last updated: August 2011

Q: What is this community even for?
A: This is our “Tumblr Hogwarts”, where you enroll in classes and roleplay (Defense Against the Dark Arts), make gifs (Arts), edit graphics (Muggle Arts), cosplay (Transfiguration), etc. All these activities go toward earning House Points for the Tumblr House Cup!

Q: Should I create a separate Tumblelog when participating in this community?
A: That would be preferred, but, not yet mandatory. 

Q: How do I apply?
A: Send an owl DIRECTLY TO THE HOUSE YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE IN. (Go to the Common Rooms page above and look for the ask box to contact the Heads of Houses). Must be submitted by 26 August. Your letter MUST include the following information - the year you are applying for and the classes you wish to take (no more than 4 classes a term!).

Q: What exactly will we be doing in this community when school begins (1 September)?
A: You will, alongside others in your House, be competing for the Tumblr House Cup! By participating in your classes and submitting blog entries, the number of notes that your post gets will contribute toward the total points your House earns.

Q: Wait - what do we do in class?
A: The gist: say you’ve enrolled for Art. Every now and then, your prof would tell you “This week, make a .gif that best represents Battle of Hogwarts. Must be finished by October 1st!” Students in the class have the choice of whether or not they want to make the gif. Basically, whoever gets the most notes for their gif wins points for their House. Check out the classes page for more detailed information!

Q: Can I apply as a staff member?
A: Of course! However, please make sure you have completely read and understand the FAQs and the classes page. You can contact the headmaster at hogwartstumblr@gmail.com and state
 the position you are applying for by no later than 19 August. If your application is accepted, we will send you information about your job and responsibilities!

Q: Is this a roleplay?
A: If you included Defense Against the Dark Arts in your schedule, then yes, since it is the roleplaying course in our “Tumblr Hogwarts”!