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Reminder of the week: you are not a registered student at our tumblr Hogwarts until you have sent us an owl with your student information (read the fifth question on our FAQ)! REMEMBER TO SEND THE OWL TO THE HOUSE YOU WISH TO BE IN! (Click the Common Rooms link above and send an owl to the Heads of Houses).


Last updated: August 2011


Remember to choose your classes carefully!
NOTE: If you have suggestions in regards to the course descriptions or would like to teach a class, please send us an owl!
NOTE: Only courses with descriptions can be selected at this moment. 


Defence Against the Dark Arts
Students in this course will roleplay! 

Charms (Professor Quinnifer Moorage)
Swish and flick - your paintbrush! Students will practice wand movement through painting or drawing fanart. 

Transfiguration (Professor Fortis)
See Professor’s page for more details. 

Potions (Professor Mortifera)
Students will be prompted to discover and blog about recipes that pertain to the wizarding world; for example, the reputable Butterbeer.


History of Magic (Professor Krys)
In this course, students can create Fanfictions.  These stories must take place before or during the Second Wizarding War!


Flying (First years only)

ELECTIVES (third years and up)

Study of Ancient Runes


Muggle Studies

Care of Magical Creatures

Divination (Professor Luna Silven)
Similar to the History of Magic course, students can create Fanfictions. However, these stories must take place after the Second Wizarding War.

Apparition (Sixth year, those of age only) (Professor Oscar)


Ancient Studies

Art (Professor Moonstone)
Students interested in creating moving pictures or portraits will submit them in the form of gifs. 

Earth Magic

Muggle Art
Similar to the Art course. However, edits submitted cannot be gifs. 


Muggle Music (Professor Moira Gray)
Students will create playlists, write Muggle Pop parodies or covers, and create their own original musical compositions based on Wizarding Culture. 

Ghoul Studies